The European Journal of Entomology (EJE) is an international electronic-only Open Access journal covering the whole field of general, experimental, systematic and applied entomology. Manuscripts generally should not exceed 30 pages (exceptions are possible, particularly in case of reviews, and should be negotiated in advance with the editors). Papers are considered by referees before acceptance. Authors will receive first editorial decision within 8 weeks from confirmed submission. All contributions are published in English. Authors whose mother tongue is not English are strongly urged to have their manuscripts reviewed linguistically before submission. Papers written in poor English will be returned. It is understood that manuscripts submitted to EJE have not been offered to any other journal for prior or simultaneous publication.


EJE publishes original articles, reviews and points of view on all aspects of entomology. There are no restrictions on geographic region or taxon (Myriapoda, Chelicerata and terrestrial Crustacea included). Comprehensive studies and comparative/experimental approach will be preferred and the following types of manuscripts will be usually declined:

  1. Descriptive alpha-taxonomic studies unless the paper is markedly comprehensive/revisional taxonomically or regionally, and/or significantly improves our knowledge of comparative morphology, relationships or biogeography of the higher taxon concerned.
  2. Other purely or predominantly descriptive or enumerative papers [such as (ultra)structural and functional details, life tables, host records, distributional records and faunistic surveys, compiled check lists, etc.] unless they are exceptionally comprehensive or concern data or taxa of particular entomological (e.g., phylogenetic) interest.
  3. Papers evaluating the effect of chemicals (including pesticides, plant extracts, attractants or repellents, etc.), irradiation, pathogens, or dealing with other data of predominantly agro-economic impact without general entomological relevance.

Authors must respect the articles of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (Fourth Edition, 1999); additional requirements and recommendations for authors or taxonomic papers can be found here.

Proofs and charges

Proofs will be sent to the authors for correction. Articles are freely available on our web site. Authors of accepted papers are required to pay a publication fee which helps to cover part of the publishing costs. The fee will be waived in invited articles. Current prices can be found here.


Editorial office: European Journal of Entomology, c/o Institute of Entomology, Branisovska 31, 37005 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic. Phone: (+420) 387775214. Fax: (+420) 385310354. E-mail: Web page: