Eur. J. Entomol. 109 (1): 111-116, 2012 | DOI: 10.14411/eje.2012.014

Phylogeny of Cantacaderinae (Heteroptera: Tingidae) revisited after the description of a new genus and new species from New Caledonia [Please see Addendum in Eur. J. Entomol. Vol. 109 (2012) No. 2, p. 246.]  

Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Département de Systématique et Evolution, UMR 7205 CNRS, CP50, 57 rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris, France; e-mail:

Abstract. A new genus and new species of Cantacaderinae (Heteroptera: Tingidae) is described, Caledoderus monteithi. A key to genera is provided. The phylogenetic relationships among the Cantacaderinae, including this new genus and species, are revisited. The results are congruent with previous studies. However, the Ceratocaderini is a sister group of Carldrakeaninae and not Cantacaderini, even if only weakly supported by the analysis. Therefore, the status of Ceratocaderini and Cantacaderini is maintained, whereas Carldrakeanini stat. nov. is reduced to tribal level and they are all included in the Cantacaderinae.

Keywords: Heteroptera, Tingidae, Cantacaderinae, description, New Caledonia, new genus, new species, phylogeny, systematics, taxonomy

Received: June 10, 2011; Accepted: September 8, 2011; Revised: September 8, 2011; Published: January 3, 2012Show citation

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GUILBERT, E. (2012). Phylogeny of Cantacaderinae (Heteroptera: Tingidae) revisited after the description of a new genus and new species from New Caledonia [Please see Addendum in Eur. J. Entomol. Vol. 109 (2012) No. 2, p. 246.]  . Eur. J. Entomol.109(1), 111-116. doi: 10.14411/eje.2012.014.
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